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Could mixing Bronkaid, an Albuterol inhaler and Allegra cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck?

Posted by its a new day!

My doctor refused to give me meds for my asthma attacks and allergies because I am a smoker.  So, I decided to get the meds another way.  I went to another doctor who gave me Allergra and an Albuterol inhaler.  Since then I have also started taking Bronkaid because it seems to last longer. 

I take the Allegra when I remember its there, probably once a week or so.  I use the inhaler every morning and night and take the Bronkaid every morning.  Since using the Bronkaid, I use my inhaler twice per day instead of 3-4 times per day.

 Now, i have 8 swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  Could that be the cause?

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At your pharmacy!! Bronkese cough mixture,ventolin inhaler!or venteze syrup that u can take everday.

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