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Coronory Heart Disease, Elevated Cholesterol and a Gluten Free Diet

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:14pm 2 Comments
In the wonderful days of the summer that we didn’t have, I had a rapid introduction into the world of heart attacks, the awfull ones that come right out of the blue, leading to an instant diagnosis of Coronory Heart Disease (CHD). Nobody ever expects a heart attack, but when it arrives a whole raft of lifestyle changes are often needed for the person that has the heart attack and also the partner and family, who suddenly become paranoid about their own heart-health

The risk factors for CHD are: smoking, obesity, alcohol, elevated blood pressure levels, elevated cholesterol level, high stress levels and a genetic predisposition to the disease. Of course, like most diseases, no one risk factor is involved in a patients disease, but usually a combination of more than one risk factor

After the heart attack and before leaving hospital patients are given a whole raft of information from the British Heart Foundation , which combined with the use of their website has been invaluable in the days and weeks that have followed until now! I've also been using the Heart of the Matter blog , managed by Ilva , Joanna and Michelle

Following on from the heart attack, I became a bit paranoid about my own heart-health. As a result of that, I saw my general practitioner (GP) to have my blood pressure checked and a full blood screen for cholesterol, diabetes etc. What do you know – I have elevated blood cholesterol levels, this means that I have to reduce the saturated fat levels in my blood, or I'm going to land up on medication too. My GP has kindly given me six months to try and reduce it with diet manipulation before she prescribes!!! And guess what! I dont want to go on medication, so I'm reducing what little saturated fat that is left in my diet

Bearing in mind, I already live on a gluten free diet, which now has to become a low fat, high fibre gluten free diet. You can now expect this blog to become more health orientated over the coming months, with some of the existing recipes changed to become lower in fat. Haha! Just to increase the challenge a bit I may even try and make it lower in sugar too

Exiting days ahead!
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