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Confession Time is Over

Posted Aug 20 2009 11:24pm
After a pint of Cherry Garcia, a glass of red wine, and six hours of sleep - I’M BACK!
No more crying, now I’m ready to do my job as the parent of a food allergic child and fight for his safety at school.
My cryptic message about crying was over a meeting we had at the school. One of the two school staff members we met with was rude and unknowledgeable about the true qualifying factors that must be met in order to be eligible for a 504.
Yesterday, this staff members rudeness made me cry but today I have more fight in me then ever before.
This scenario reminds me of a time when I took chemistry in high school. I got a D on my report card for the midterm. My father was so mad and he said, “Sometimes all you need is a swift kick in the ass to realize you need to work harder. You’ve been kicked, now go study!”
I studied day and night and in the end I got a B in the class.
I’m reminded of this now because my father was right; I needed to realize, before final grades, that I wasn’t doing my job as a student. I wasn’t working hard enough to master the subject at hand. Today his words ring true again. I went into the school expecting sunshine and rainbows and instead I got my swift kick. So now, with the help of my virtual friends at the forum, my sister, and Google, I’m better prepared today then ever.
So maybe I should say “thank you” to the ignorant staff member, for giving me the desire to do my homework and better protect my child. Or maybe we will have to send her to THE ISLAND!!! (Go ahead and click on the word island, you know you want to!!)
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