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Competition end Qian 3 points 37 seconds Shi

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:09am
Competition end Qian 3 points 37 seconds Shi, Anthony outside three points again in the, help Nepal grams Republika will points poor recovery to 79-81, and this has is he House competition personal 33rd points, zhihou also is Anthony, basket Xia continuous is cap of situation Xia continuous spell to attack rebounds, forced made Lopez foul Hou two penalty a in the, again help Nepal grams Republika recovery near points poor.Apart from the attacking side of thejordan retro 4 australia   powerful, while Anthony House grab 13 rebounds, this data is also on the team first.The New York Daily News reporter Alan-Hahn says in their own Twitter: "today's Anthony, the attacking side's performance was impeccable."Indeed, returned to their small melon really no one can block on the site.Only games last minute of the regular time, Anthony missed gunnin ' Phoenix Suns opponent opportunities to go into overtime, Nick, unable to withstand the attack of the opponent binge, only lose to, Anthony here and now even free throws only two penalties in a ... ...Anthony will enjoy themselves in the power of competition release, however the distance a hero, he is poor so a little bit of distance.

RAM single 4 minutes, Stephanejordan retro 13 australia Udry hit three points, their team to fight back waves of 13-0 begin the final section, 76-80 behind 4 bucks.Hamilton jump shot hit just as the team temporarily stop bleeding, yiyasuowa and Mike Dunleavy SR. into a threes, third section 7 minutes bucks pull to 82.84, 86 buziol Claudio following backwards jump shot hit, the bulls lead again two minutes.Yiyasuowa keep feeling run 5 minutes, fourth section bucks when there is 1 minute and 35 seconds to 91-90 one 1 point.Bulls suspend Hamilton after the jump shot hit, especially for breakthrough bothering dribblers and respond to, Bucks still have 1 minute lead.Hamilton and NOAA have missed one opportunity, Stephane Udry grab rebounds.Stephane Udry in a three-part, grab a rebound, Tang had to foul tactics.You Du both does not, the bulls lost a rebound, yiyasuowa grab the rebound and slapped he was bothering dribblers and NOAA fan out.Bucks suspended Mike Dunleavy SR. after incomplete pass, left the bulls attack time of 7.5 seconds.Suspended Hamilton CIC is out after 20 seconds, the bulls to 1 gap but unfortunately lost.

Allan caused Hewitt after 76 fouls, two penalties, fourth section Grizzlies when you have 2 minutes 49 seconds to 78-76 one.Shavlik Randolph jump shot hit to help the team expand the advantage, the base fill button scored, fourth section of Cleveland to 78-80 when there is 44.5 seconds behind.Grizzlies after a short stop after 10 shots in only 2 bales right jump shot hit, Grizzlies in the final 23.8 seconds before leading 82-78.Walaiqiao a mistake at a crucial time, Allan intercept, Cleveland can only take the foul tactics, bales in both, Grizzlies in 13.8 seconds before the final, leading 84-78.Gibson Rob vote of no, Hewitt breakthroughs not bothering dribblers, Cleveland but unfortunately lost.
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