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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Posted Sep 26 2009 10:50pm
The day after I blogged that we got the 504, I started a blog on “how” we got the 504. I decided that I wouldn’t blog again until I finished documenting the process. The blog is long and to-date unfinished. The process was so complicated for us that each time I start writing the post I remember something else we did, so I write more and more. It’s like... my laundry pile. Just when I think I’ve washed everything in the house and I’m all done, I look under an unnamed child’s bed (you know who you are sweet pea) and see three weeks worth of underwear and gym clothes, it’s never ending...
So, I really am working on it but I wanted to break my silence by saying that we did go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it was GREAT!
The movie dealt with peanut allergies in a very realistic (as realistic as a cartoon can be) way. Without being a spoiler, I’ll say that the lead female character, Sam, divulges her allergy and has a reaction. Sam’s friends help her get to a doctor and the doctor injects her with epinephrine (you see the auto-injector and it says “Epinephrine Auto-Injector .3mg). Sam is fine after she is given the dose of epi.
I don’t mind getting my comeuppance on this one. I’m happy to be wrong about the movie and publicly apologize to the writers/makers/actors/ whoever that I didn’t believe the movie would be responsible.
However, in my defense, I must say that historically peanut allergies on TV and at the movies have been represented in an irresponsible manner. Either the show depicts ways to kill those with food allergies or it belittles the actual signs/symptoms/medical treatment options of a food allergy.
But, I digress...The movie was great. It was silly and sweet, but most of all it was sincere in it’s depiction of food allergies and the necessary means required to help others during anaphylaxis. Two thumbs up!!!

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