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Cloudy with a Chance of a Discriminatory Movie

Posted Sep 15 2009 11:05pm
My parents are baby-sitting (can I get a hallelujah?) next weekend! Grammy has already planned a shopportunity with the little guy to Tilly’s for new shoes. Turns out the little guy has some fashion sense and wants some “cool shoes and belts” to go with his uniform. I always thought he was an exact replica of his father (button downs and sensible shoes) but I guess he does have a little bit of me in him (convincing my parents to buy him lovely worldly goods!).

When my parents baby-sit (is eleven too old to be babysat? Let’s call it chillin’), when my parents are chillin’ with my son they like to go somewhere and do something fun with him. What makes Grammy and Grandpa the happiest is letting him do something I would NEVER ALLOW! Let’s see if I can come up with an example...hmmm...oh, I know! How about when we were at their house and Grammy let him drive the golf cart by himself! Yes, you read that correctly: MY BABY BOY-CAREENING AROUND CORNERS - NARROWLY MISSING SIGNS AND SMALL ANIMALS, PEOPLE FALLING OFF THE BACK OF THE CART AS MY CHILD PEELS AWAY, anyhoo...

I thought it might be fun to WALK downtown after shopping and see the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Unfortunately, as I was reading an article from the Seattle Times to try to gauge if my son would be interested in seeing the movie, I WASN’T surprised to read this:

“Sam's peanut allergy, which also plays a crucial role, was inspired by Hader's allergies to nuts.
"How do you do a movie about food without someone having a food allergy?" they asked.”
Click here to view the entire article.


Being that I’m trying to see life as a glass-half-full (rather then what it really is - almost gone and I didn’t get enough) my hope is that the film will be used to promote healthy and truthful ideas about food allergies.

What it will probably be; peanuts falling from the sky, someone inflates like a balloon and floats away.

Food allergies are tough enough at the movies with limited safe food options and filthy chairs, but to add taunting my allergic child to the experience...I don’t think so.

Suddenly my plans for Friday have changed. I guess I’ll be going to the show alone Friday afternoon before the little guy gets home, to evaluate if it is appropriate. Because what I really wanted to do with my Friday is pay to watch a cartoon that will probably make fun of my child’s allergy (sigh)

Maybe I should reevaluate my perception of the golf cart incident as it may be a better option. Who would have thought??
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