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Clearing Up Eczema: More Tips

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:02pm

A BIG thank you to all of my readers last week for helping me through my little eczema crisis. Tyler's skin is much better!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our family's struggles with Tyler's eczema in the last couple of months. This post will be the last of my weekly Monday posts on eczema but I will revisit this topic periodically, as it is something many of us struggle with to keep our PA kids in optimal health.

This series has been rather popular. I have heard from many of you through email about how this series is helping you. Since its a battle that never totally goes away, I thought it only appropriate to share some of your comments from last week, as well a few things I am still learning. If you would like to contribute something else about your battles and/or victories with eczema, please leave a comment!

My Thoughts
  • The fall seems to be the worst time for eczema (Tyler included). When there is a flare up with the shifting weather, just know it will get better, just as the weather will.
  • A friend who also struggles with eczema (that's you Jennifer C.!) told me how important it is to use 100% cotton clothing. During our battles I could not always find daytime clothing that was but I did find one pair of pajamas that were. Funny enough, they were Christmas pajamas. He kept wearing them every night, with me washing them every couple of days. Kind of funny, actually!
Here are what some of you shared (read the full comments on this post ):

  • You will need to moisturize FAR more than you did in *regular* weather....eczema is always much worse during the colder temps.
  • The two main things that I feel really helped us were Milk Thistle supplements and cod liver oil. (Readthe actual commentto get a full description but this very interesting!)
  • We use Clorox Bleach in my son's bathwater. I put about 1/2 cup of bleach in the full tub of water. Yes, he smells like bleach after his bath, but it did wonders with clearing up his severe eczema. Our allergist told us to do this because it kills any infection in the eczema. It also helps moisturize the skin. Weird--I know, but it works!! (This does sound strange but if it works, its worth a try!)
Thanks for your help guys! There were actually a total of 12 comments and they were all really helpful.

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