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Chinese premier wen mbt shoes jiabao 5 in bishkek separate meetings with kazakhstan's

Posted Dec 06 2012 12:12pm

Chinese premier wen mbt shoes jiabao 5 in bishkek separate meetings with kazakhstan's prime minister ai ha Wallace Joe husband and Mongolia prime minister agri jotham call the case.

In a meeting with ai ha Wallace "husband, wen jiabao said that in recent years, the ha closely hand in hand to deal with the international financial crisis and challenges, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership. This year through the start the two prime ministers meeting held regularly mechanism and mbt shoes clearance the establishment of diplomatic relations and anniversary celebration, further planning in the areas cooperation and deepen the friendship between the people.

Wen jiabao said that China is willing to maintain a high level of contact with HaFang, and constantly enhance mutual trust; Formulating the bilateral economic and trade cooperation in long-term planning and adjacent to the plan for regional cooperation, and strive to realize the bilateral trade between 2015 $40 billion goal; Promote oil and gas cooperation and border railway port construction, develop agriculture, new and high technology, finance, telecommunications and other fields cooperation; Strengthen the sco framework of organization and coordination with all the parties and promoting regional stability and prosperity.

Ai ha Wallace Joe husband said, ha leaders kept close contacts, has a strong mutual trust. The two prime ministers meet regularly mechanism to promote bilateral cooperation has played an important role. With China HaFang may deepen energy cooperation, strengthen the construction of railway port, further mining practical cooperation potential, had more benefit in the relationship between the two peoples.

In a meeting with agri jotham call the division, wen jiabao said, have established the strategic partner relationship, both parties should earnestly implement the consensus reached, respect and take care of each other core interests, and further to deepen the political and strategic mutual trust, The Chinese government supports domestic enterprise expand to Mongolia investment, and MengFang strengthen in energy resources, infrastructure, agriculture and other areas cooperation, and promote the bilateral economic and trade relationship between diversity and sustainable development, in the hope that MengFang in the policy and management to provide more support and convenience.

Agri jotham call the case said that in recent years, the two countries mbt shoes sale have high-level exchanges and cooperation in various fields have got great achievements. MengFang thanks to China's help and support, may strengthen the two countries cooperation, and promote the strategic partner relationship have made new development.

Costa rica known as the "central garden" reputation, known as "national happiness index supreme" the country. The weather is warm, beautiful mountains and rivers, scenery, rich products, is a magical land. Quiet serene pastoral scenery, lush HaoMang of tropical forest, the famous volcanic hot springs, shaping the costa rica unique style, give a person with deep impression and infinite want to go to. Fragrant delicious coffee all over the world, joss-stick float world, witness the elder brother people's diligence and creativity; More than 50% of the forest coverage rate, 1/5 land area of national park, with almost 4% of the world's species, reflects people's brother love nature, protect natural advanced concepts. Costa rica people love peace, the elder brother is the first country to cancel the army, and the respect of the world. In recent years, a social stability, economic development, the people live and work in peace and contentment, undertakings made remarkable achievements. In here, we can deeply feel that the "in harmony with nature" costa rica type "pure life". We are brother made achievements were genuinely happy, sincerely wish your country on the path of development to achieve new achievements.

This year is the fifth anniversary of diplomatic relations between the elder brother. Five years ago, the leaders of the two countries made historic political decisions, opened a new chapter in elder brother friendly exchanges. In the past five years, the two countries continue to deepen the political mutual trust, governments, political parties, legislature and high-level exchanges closely. Elder brother party to the one-china policy, China has praised. The bilateral economic and trade cooperation rich achievement, the first nine months of the year, bilateral trade volume reached 4.6 billion us dollars, up almost 47% from costa rica, China has become the second largest trading partner. In 2011, eight months elder brother free trade agreement entered into force, to deepen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries opened up broad prospects. The human communication has become increasingly active, and enhance the mutual understanding and friendship. Both sides in the UN reform, climate change, sustainable development, and major international and regional issues closely, jointly safeguard the rights and interests of the developing countries, to promote the establishment of a lasting peace and common prosperity made a positive contribution.

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