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cheap dr dre beats STH. To reveal, with the purpose of attracting

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:38am

Last week, the two anti-corruption news to attract the public eye: sichuan is vice secretary of Cheap Beats By Dre  provincial party committee LiChunCheng suspicion of serious discipline are accept organization investigation, gansu province lanzhou city mayor of yuan pavilion in "watch the door". Combined with the previous period of time to put together, LeiZhengFu, SunDeJiang, LiYaLi, ZhouWeiSi, single increase DE, etc., this is a long list list in nearly a month be investigated or removal of office personnel.

These "problem officials" is mostly due to "indecent events" (we just call it "elder brother photo") was first network exposure, relevant departments and then investigating and lok ma, this caused the public network anti-corruption again against the heat.

"The Internet in the anti-corruption process at best can play only clue provider role, to fundamentally corruption molecules." Of experts say, China's current anti-corruption the main channel of the report or only the traditional way of anti-corruption.

Network technology is indeed to combat corruption and build a clean government opened up a new way

In recent years some examples that seems to be, the network anti-corruption is "no shot was wasted.". No matter be "cousin" YangDaCai, "room uncle" CaiBin or earlier smoke "day price smoke" ZhouJiu tillage and corruption case investigation, this a series of "elder brother photo" event is abided by "network exposure - discipline inspection commission intervention - verify processing" such development path.

"Network technology is indeed to combat corruption and build a clean government has developed a new way." The supreme people's procuratorate informant center in charge of relevant departments recently in an interview with the media, network anti-corruption is through the post to sb. cheap dr dre beats STH. To reveal, with the purpose of attracting the netizens resonance, enlarge the effect, and then by the functional departments, attention to expose corruption. And network to report, it is to show through the procuratorial organs, disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of the website set up to report on the behavior of the report.

The person in charge said that some local procuratorate post from the network were many clues and investigate, the effect is very good. But only to state organs in accordance with the requirements shall be investigated for responsibility person, just belongs to report behavior.

The reporter understands, in recent years the procuratorial organs at all levels to overcome personnel tension, shortage of funds, equipment backward difficult, and constantly develop report channel. In April 2009, the supreme people's procuratorate announced revised the people's procuratorate to report work regulations, the official network increase to report report corruption  new way; June, the opening of the "12309" report telephone. From the supreme people's procuratorate to report website, we can see the sign of report than close to 85%.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs in recent years and the use of modern communication and network technology, open up new channels complaint report. According to the report, the central discipline inspection commission, ministry of supervision and 15 provincial discipline inspection and supervision organs have opened to report website. A lot of land (city) level at or above the county level, discipline inspection commission also establish and opened an online report, some places still opened SMS report.

This may not be the report is still the main channel of anti-corruption

"In comparison, through the network of low cost, fast, convenient and easy to attract the public attention and hot discussion, thus to anti-corruption agency cause pressure, make the investigation and treatment. Through the disciplinary inspection and supervision authorities, it might not be entertained, or accept not initiate an investigation, or investigation and fruit." On December 9,, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics deputy director of the institute of a clean and honest administration to the reporter DuZhiZhou analyzed why some people are willing to choose the post on the Internet the reason of the corruption of the.

But in of expert opinion, the Internet Posting anti-corruption is not as perfect as net friend imagination.

"Network anti-corruption has natural restriction, the limitations of their own." Vice President of China university of politics and law, administrative law experts MaHuaiDe when accepting a reporter to interview, net friend in revealing the truth at the same time, some events may damage the interests of some innocent people. The future's not only depends on the accident to disclosure and investigate corruption case, but to rely on a more robust daily system.

Earlier this year, the central discipline inspection commission ministry of supervision report, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of last year a total of more than 140000 people ZhengJi discipline sanctions, including more than 4843 people XianChuJi cadres, and 777 people to the judicial organ for the country, to recall the economic loss of 8.44 billion yuan.

"Although anti-corruption network is more and more frequent, and showing more and more powerful, but in the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of the total number of cases investigation to see, by the network exposed corruption case after all accounts for a small proportion. The network anti-corruption is not the main channel of anti-corruption in China." DuZhiZhou said, the current main channel to fight corruption or some authority in daily work inspection, audit institutions audit, disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of accept the report only the traditional way of anti-corruption.

In recent years anti-corruption functional departments and not passively wait for, but pay more and more attention to public opinion expression, and active attack, than to practical action to combat corruption. It is reported that LiChunCheng be investigated, showing the anti-corruption disciplinary organs of active as.

Of experts point out that, at present, a lot of problems relatively loose environment to exposure, but as "while the priest climbs a post, beats by dre cheap the devil climbs ten", later this kind way of anti-corruption utility will decline.

To improve the effect of traditional real name to report

"The best way is to divide current reporting system and the Internet Posting anti-corruption mode combination." Of expert advice, the existing reporting system should be used for reference network anti-corruption experience, pay attention to the particularity of the report information, for the parties to report the establishment of a more efficient channel and reaction mechanism.

Central south university institute of finance and economics politics and law of the QiaoXinSheng has said, the Internet users high anti-corruption enthusiasm into the legal procedure in, let them actively reflect to the anti-corruption agency problems, and then through the formal filed investigation procedure, find and solve problems.

MaHuaiDe gave the advice is, should establish a more authoritative network report and reveal platform, in this platform, encouraging people to report, make rule in anti-corruption agency authority platform all sources of information can be effective in check, through the timely information by way of promoting the participation of all the people. Of course, in this process if a malicious retaliation, the relevant departments should actively protect the lawful rights and interests of the proper persons.

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