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Cheap Beats By Dre more consumer understand gradually car rental industry

Posted Dec 12 2012 3:02am

China car rental pr written reply to the China economic weekly "reporter said, more and Cheap Beats By Dre  more consumer understand gradually car rental industry, and produce car rental interests, but prevent them to take the first step: worry about car rental appeared in the process of major accidents. To reassure customers' concerns, China car rental cancel "LiangFei".

LiChunTian argues that: "the risk of car rental customers, with the use of private cars risk basic consistent, ZeQuan is unified, not impressed." LiChunTian explanation, one is their own improper operation cause asset depreciation, the private cars also exist since bear; Another kind is the loss of his duty, should by the tenant shall report according to the general principles of the risk and cooperate with car rental companies shall be investigated for each other's compensation.

On November 14,, in the Cheap Beats By Dre  world with more than 800 car line, more than 3000 service network and global many famous international car rental car line cooperation platform Mayizuji - international car rental CEO li jiao accept a written interview told the China economic weekly "reporter, the global car rental business, if after an accident, all in accordance with the insurance claim process, in addition to the United States (car rental price includes all risks, the vehicles of any problems, and the lessee need not assume any responsibility), in other countries, if the lessee to buy the standard deductible insurance, settling process is first from the rental deposit of deduction, and then according to the liability insurance for the full cost of.

Reporter in the interview found that a hi car rental car company and the two for each car purchase is comprehensive, such as car loss danger insurance products. But the insurance company mainly settlement is the vehicle's direct loss, does not include vehicle depreciation charges incurred and vehicle accident class outage losses such indirect cheap dr dre beats loss.

Balance auto insurance co., LTD., wenzhou central sub-branch of the deputy general manager ChenGuangZhu introduces to the reporter: "on the market at present the use of ABC three sets of commercial auto insurance products, there is no development automobile depreciation loss products. But there are similar when they offend loss products, but no foreign sales."

LiChunTian says, in China's current car rental market, the cost of indirect losses or by a car rental company between the lessee and consultation. China car rental pr in reply reporter to interview said that part of the  insurance company although have some similar products (indirect losses), but do not apply, so the choice of car to bear the cost.

Purchasing order and high oil prices drove the car rental market in the vigorous development of China. According to LuoLanBeiGe information at the beginning of the survey, in 2011 China car rental market size of about 20 billion RMB, 2015 by 39 billion yuan.

However, China's car rental market main body, share cheap dre beats and dispersion. According to LuoLanBeiGe data show that as of December 31, 2010, China has 1 car rental company. The top five car rental companies in 2010 and 2011, occupy the market share of 9% and 11% respectively, and a relatively developed car rental industry in the U.S. market, the market share of the first five as high as 95%. Compared to foreign auto lease giant operation quantity, China and a hi is very small.

Li jiao told reporters: "domestic common car rental companies are now in laying network stage, take a long time to get the good development, but the car rental, a hi to rent a car and so on a certain scale brand enterprise in the future will have huge rise space."

At present the market leading enterprises such as China car rental, a hi car rental choice through the financing to enlarge market share. But LiChunTian thinks, "health mechanism can eventually leading Chinese market, capital just everybody can get tools, excellent business model and conform to the Chinese market operation plan, is to solve the root of the problem."

China car rental pr relevant personage to the China economic weekly "said, the next five to ten years, China's car rental industry development important period, hope in the industry as soon as possible to establish and perfect the laws and regulations, and encourage and guide the car rental enterprise scale, network, brand development, innovation service mode to provide consumers with more and higher level of leasing services.

A hi car rental news spokesman told reporters, for now, industry standard more must depend on the height of the enterprise self-discipline to realize. But it is worth rejoicing is that there are news says the car rental industry normative legal regulations and standards is expected to next year will be issued. This to just developed car rental industry is undoubtedly a major news. With the guidance, the enterprise can focus more on how to do the operation service, do fine, the benefit is not only the consumer, and the industry will also be more standard and healthy development.

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