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Posted Jul 31 2009 7:41pm
Every morning when I wake up my first thought is COFFEE. Call me a bad mother for not saying my first thought is my son or call me a bad wife because hubby doesn’t top the list, but early in the morning I NEED MY COFFEE!!! I don’t think my heart could pump properly without it. But as the days here in Florida get hotter and hotter and hotter...I’ve started to forgo my traditional three o’clock second pot of joe. The heat is too much so I’ve been forced to switched to iced tea.
My sister visited recently and she introduced me to Oregon Chai Tea. It is a concentrated liquid tea that can be prepared hot or cold and added to milk or water. I found it at the local grocery store in the coffee aisle on the bottom shelf.
Even though I haven’t given it to the little guy I did want to make sure it was nut free before I really developed a habit for it. I emailed the Oregon Chai company at this link “ ”. I asked if the facility processed any nuts. The response took a few days but I was told that the facility was free of all nuts EXCEPT ALMONDS.
This isn’t a big concern for us as the little guy isn’t allergic to almonds. I still don’t think I will give it to him. Let me rephrase that, I am not going to give it to him, but I feel it is safe enough to have in the house.
Although a hot cup of coffee will always be my first third love (happy guys?), until it gets under 90 degrees here, I’m going with the iced chai.
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