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Cerebral Palsy Malpractice Litigation - Herve Leger Skirt

Posted Mar 02 2013 5:17am

During the birthing process a doctors mistake can have particularly harmful effects on the newborn, one of which is cerebral palsy Herve Leger Clothing. The doctors deviation may give rise to a cerebral palsy malpractice lawsuit brought by the infants family on his behalf.

Here are some important things to know about cerebral palsy litigation: What causes Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is loosely translated as "brain paralysis" and is caused by brain damage Nike Dunk SB. Since the brain controls the movement of the body through the function of the nerves, complications could include difficulty in moving extremities or walking, difficulty holding objects, trouble with speech and severe muscle spasms.

Over 75% of the people affected by cerebral palsy were born with it and there is presently no cure Nike Training Shoes. There are infants who are often born with brain damage if their mother abused drugs or alcohol during pregnancy or had a history of mental retardation.

Other causes of cerebral palsy may be pre-mature birth, viral infection or inadequate nutrition Nike Dunk SB. However,medical malpractice cerebral palsy is another reason for the infant to be born with severe brain damage.

How medical malpractice can cause Cerebral Palsy: The labor and delivery process is a difficult one, and a physician charged with delivering the baby has options available to him, such as fetal heart monitoring, to help observe the fetus and ensure that its not experiencing distress. Failure to monitor fetuss abnormal heart rate or position can lead to delay in taking preventing measures, such as ordering a timely C-section, possibly leading to cerebral palsy. Failure to administer the right dose of medication to the mother, affecting the oxygen levels of the unborn child, as well as use of excessive force while handling forceps by obstetrician, are two other examples of cerebral palsy malpractice. Statistics show that over 1/5 of cerebral palsy is caused by doctors negligence and since the symptoms dont show up till the child is a toddler, many parents fail to associate their childs delayed development with problems during birth.
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