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Candy, Candy, Candy

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:26am
Since I was talking about candy, I thought I would throw in a dress up photo. I also posted a Flashback Friday post, that includes a couple dress up photos, click here to see.

Candy, is something we do not have much of around this house. I am not complaining, It is kind of nice not to have all that tempting stuff around me. We have our usual stash of dum dum suckers, and smarties, and we are good to go.

Today I decided to breakdown and buy some skittles, thought they might come in handy as a potty training treat. I also broke down and ordered some chocolate, from Vermont Nut Free company. I figured, since we were having the Halloween festivities at our house, I might want to have a few special things on hand.

Anybody ever use Junior Mints with their PA and TNA child? I saw them listed somewhere as tree nut and peanut free. I'd love to hear from you if you have had them. I would also love to hear what kind of candy you keep to pass out to the kids.
To me this is a scary time, we did not know last year my son had this allergy. This is our first year to deal with all the holiday festivities nut free.

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