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can you geta rash from fish?

Posted by Mike

Kind of off the wall question but I went deep-sea fishing yesterday ad caught a good sized blue fish off the New Hampshire coast.  I was handling the fish here and there and onlyh wiped my hands with a rag. By the end of the afternoon I was feeling a bit irratated and itchy having gone to the restroom on the boat to urinate a few times.  When I got home that evening I had this rather unsightly red rash that ran from about an inch from the base of my penis on the top side all the way up to just below the head. I quickly took a long bath and washed well with soap and applied some neo-sporen ointment.  I went to sleep and in the morning it had cleared some but not completely.  I continued to apply the ointment throughout the day at work and it's still a bit red but not as irratated.  I have a yearly physical scheduled from this coming Friday but just would like to ask if there is a possibility that I got some kind of fish rash or bacteria from the fish.  I haven't had sex for more than a week and I was perfectly fine and rash-free prior to going fishing.  Any help you can provide would certainly be appreciated.  Thanks very much.


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