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can my ear pain, pressure and itch be caused by a blood sugar problem?

Posted by andivb

Ive had a number of symptoms for the past 6 months, including: ear and eye pain and pressure, ear itching, swollen glands under jaw below ears, fatigue and lethargy, dizziness at times, weight gain, foggy head fealing, shortness of breath and ibs. the most bothersome are the ear aches with tired eyes.              Ive had an mri, and a number of blood tests- nothing, sinus and chest xray-nothing, and thyroid ultrasound-nothing.             My blood sugar was a little high, and waiting to hear back on a glucose test results. Could all this be caused by a blood sugar problem? possible allergy, or even the use of splenda?(thats what i have used for over10 years now)

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