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Can firelogs cause asthma / allergy?

Posted by Amy

Now my neighbors start burning fire logs, and I suffer every time they do that.  I start coughing, I start choking.  This also happens, when there's a forest fire nearby (which happens a lot in California).  But it is particularly bad, when my neighbors start using fire logs. I seal windows, put air filters but that does not solve all issues.

Is it only me who suffers from fire logs?  Why don't we regulate fire logs, while we regulate cigarette smoking?  The impact of second hand exposure should be the same with fire logs?

What can I do with this situation?  I do not want to go around the block, knock on the door of neighbors asking not to use fire logs. 

People may suggest that I just move, but in California, it is not that easy to find a place where no one use fire logs, unless we really go far. 

I appreciate any advice. 

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I can answer the easy question...yes firelogs can definitely aggrevate asthma. What to do about it is a little tougher. You are already closing up your house and running air filters, are you on any asthma meds? My daughter always had episodes when we start using our pellet stove and she has to use her nebulizer all winter. I am not a big fan of asthma meds but sometimes it is your only option.

I found there's an initiative called Spare The Air

I hope we can increase the awareness of this issue, so that people who do not have to use the fireplace will stop using it.  I totally understand some people may need to use firelogs, but I believe most people in the residential areas are using firelogs for ambience, without knowing it could cause hazzard to people with Asthma. 


I have been suffering for 2 years with this problem...

I have repeatedly asked the neighbours to desist, even offering a $500.00 inducement,but, to no avail...


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