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Can contact dermatitis be non-itchy and almost immediate?

Posted by beegee

My 16 year old daughter used an herbal skin soak on her face 36 hours ago and almost immediately developed a smooth red rash in the exact shape of the pads used to apply the herbal liquid. She has been using the herbal soak twice a day for two weeks and never had any reaction to it before this. 

The rash doesn't itch and hasn't spread, but it also hasn't improved.

 She has very sensitive skin, doesn't use cosmetics and only washes with Cetaphil. 

She was hospitalized 3 months ago with a Staph infection of the skin on her face and is still using topical Clindamycin Phosphate on her entire face and Altabax on the two small areas that repeatedly reinfected with the Staph. 

After 2 1/2 months of struggling to heal her skin, it finally improved dramatically after adding the herbal skin soak to her routine.  

Any insight that you can provide will be much appreciated. 

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