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Can allergies or an allergic reaction cause inflammation of the joints?

Posted by JMichelle

About 3 weeks ago I ate a flaxseed cookie and within a couple of hours I became short of breath. I used my inhaler and thought nothing of it. Then the next day I had muscle spasms in my neck and tightness in my throat. By the third day, my entire body/joints(elbows, shoulders, knees, collar bone, chest, ribs) ached all over. The inflammation was so bad that my doctor gave me a steroid shot of dexamthasone/depommedrol. She also prescribed a muscle relaxer Skelaxin.

I took the muscle relaxer and ended up in the ER having an allergic reaction to the drug. They gave me another steroid shot Solumedrol and a shot of Beneadryl. I was also given a prescription for prednisone and told to continue taking benadryl. I finished the prednisone and the inflammation seemed to be going away.

A week later I went to have allergy test to see if I was allergic to the ingredients in the cookie. It turns out that I am allergic to oats, barley, shrimp, lobster and crab. The cookie contained oats so my doctor feels this could be the reason for all of my symptoms.

Today I woke up and my finger on my right hand is numb, from elbow to arm pit, and my right foot up to my knee is numb. My blood pressure was 122/90, pulse 102. I have a lot of anxiety and chronic sinus problems with the right side of my face being numb. Also have been dealing with acid reflux. Any suggestions on how to get my system back in order/balanced??

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