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Can a bee sting cause swollen lymph nodes in your armpits?

Posted by ttk3

I was stung by a bee on the bottom of my foot two days ago.  I had no symptoms besides the usual swelling of the toe until the day after.  1 day after the sting occurred my lymph nodes in both of my armpits became tender, red, and swollen.  Could this be from the sting, and if so how long until it will go away or how should I treat it?
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hi there, i have had the same thing, i had a bee sting on my stomach, followed by 3 mosquito bites on my arm the next day (bad luck!) and now my underarms are sore and feel bumpy and bruised, like lots of peas under the skin. Can you tell me if you found out if it was related and how long it took to go away as am in a little bit of pain...thanks!
I never found out what the pain and swelling was from, but it did go away 3-6 days later. 
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