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By the Cheap Beats By Dre comprehensive factors, this year's economic situation

Posted Dec 18 2012 3:02am

By the Cheap Beats By Dre  comprehensive factors, this year's economic situation is not optimistic. Some worry that the Chinese economy will from now on cannot recover after a setback. Chinese people's university school of economics professor LiYiPing accept the economic reference news reporter interview, said that the current economic descending is accord with "natural growth", is not necessarily a good thing. He thinks that, in order to keep the economy healthy and continual development, it is only through the innovation and the market economic system reform, looking for new lead economic growth of the industry, and to realize the excitement "real economic growth".

The economic reference news: cheap beats China's economy will enter a downward cycle has become a mainstream view, do you think should be how to think of this problem?

LiYiPing: I think, the current economic descending is accord with economic "natural growth", also is accord with economic law, not necessarily a good thing.

What is "natural growth"? Is refers to a country or region's economic development in a certain stage, in a certain level of technology, industrial structure, organization level and system environment, from deflation policy or expansion policy and foreign factors of interference, itself inherent growth rate. This growth rate is established and the coordination of conditions, is established under the condition of a kind of equilibrium. Change the natural growth rate is the key to technology innovation or organization system change.

China's economy has maintained a sustained, rapid and 30 years of growth, reform and opening up to China's economic take-off created the conditions, it broke the bound productive forces development closed rigid system, let us to know the outside world, the development of the world industry along the path forward. The advantage that we can follow the world trend of industrial development, with relatively low cost rapidly. In addition, the early development of G D P plate is small, easy to increase growth. Now we have already made a with the  developed countries generally quite industry layout, but our industrial technology level is low. When the industrial spatial relative to the saturation, further development must be through the technological innovation and upgrade of industrial level, develop new market to achieve, but can't rely on "swollen agent" expansion original industry.

Once the high speed puts us in a "speed complex", and likely to cause burn out the type of policy, miss adjusting structure of the opportunities, create many negative effects. In this sense, we must accurately understanding and grasping the characteristics of the present our country economy and the natural growth rate, realize the real economic growth.

The economic reference news: you said "the real economic growth" what meaning be?

LiYiPing: real economic growth is to rely on innovation, industry support entity economic growth, there are quality, high quality of economic growth, it is for the community to create huge material wealth economic growth, not by "swollen agent" push big economic growth.

The eighteenth big report, to implement innovation drive development strategy. Innovation drive is the requirement of the scientific development concept, is also the transformation of the mode of economic development requirements. It is only through the innovation drive, China's economy can be achieved by large to strong.

A lot of classical economics research the innovation and economic development closely linked together. For example, schumpeter think innovation lead to new industries, new industry leading economic development. He in the economic development theory, "a book points out, from about 1783 to 1842 is the first industrial revolution, this is the first long wave; The second long wave from 1842 to 1897, is the so-called engine and steel times; In the 1920 s, is the electrical, chemical and car on economic development of age plays an important role. The Nobel Prize winner of economics simone kuznets in the human society, the economic development of the long-term, beats by dre cheap detailed statistical significance of the investigation, and in the long-term campaign, "a book with the same schumpeter paper," in many industries, in a certain period, basic technical conditions produced revolutionary change, when the revolutionary change occurs, an era began."

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