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Book: Celiac Disease - A Guide to Living with Gluten Intolerance

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:14pm
If you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or advised by your General Practitioner to follow a gluten free diet for Celiac disease, gluten intolerence or need to follow a gluten free diet for some other reason, this is the book for you

It is written by Sylvia Llewelyn Bower in colaboration with Mary Kay Sharrett and Steve Plogsted. It is pulished by Demos Medical Publishing of New York and costs $16.95. Sylvia Llewlyn Bower lives with Celiac disease and is a registered nurse who has been nursing for 43 years. Mary Kay Sharrett is a clicial dietician at the Columbus Childrens Hospital in Columbus and Steve Plogsted is a pharmacist at Columbus Childrens Hospital in Columbus

This is a fabulous book and I would urge everybody that needs to know more about Celiac Disease, including Medical Professionals to read it! It would be especially usefull for Celiac support groups to be aware of this book. To enable them to recommend it to the newly diagnosed, because it is such a good one-stop resource. If you are newly diagnosed this book is really written for you, although it is good for anyone to read who has gluten issues

It is science based, but not in a scary way as it explains all the technical science information in a very understandable way. It explains what Celiac disease is and how it affects the body going on to explain how to avoid gluten with some basic recipes also included

To give you a feel for the wide range of subjects covered, this is the table of Contents:

What is Celiac Disease (CD)


Dermatitis Herpetiformis

A Healthy Gluten-Free Diet (by Mary Kay Sharrett)


Tackling the Emotional Side of CD

Raising a CD Child

Eating and Baking Gluten Free

Eating Out

Managing Celiac Disease

Pulling it all Together

Gluten in Medications (by Steve Plogsted)

Gluten Free Recipes


I have had this book for about ten days now, and was so interested in it, that I read it cover to cover in one sitting. It is 165 pages long, mainly text with a few diagrams for illustration purposes, but covers everything that it has taken me six years to find out!

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