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Blue Valentine Will Spin Romance Lovers in Circles

Posted Mar 23 2013 7:53am
It's the moment that we've all been waiting for; time to watch Blue Valentine online! cheap custom Patriots jersey For all those romance lovers out there, you are in for a real treat with this movie. This is a love story like you have never seen. This film will be a new spin to the unfolding of a love story. Most people thought “The Notebook” and “A Message in a Bottle” were mind-blowing masterpieces that could bring a tear to your eye. However, Blue Valentine will spin your tears in the opposite direction.The plot of the film centers on a married couple, Dean and Cindy, and their relationship over a number of years by shifting between different time periods. Problems with the cheap custom Titans jersey marriage revolve around the most common issue: work over family. Cindy is one who likes to follow her ambition first and puts her career before her family. However, Dean centers his life on his wife and child. Indeed this is a familiar sight in a romance movie – problematic family that ends up patching things up towards the end – but the story unfolds backwards to put a spin on the film.Both this backwards direction and flow of the film add to the romance. The movie flashes back to parts cheap custom Vikings jersey of Dean and Cindy's life where there relationship began. If you have seen the trailer already, you can remember the cute song Dean wrote for Cindy as she was leaving work one evening and getting her involved by dancing. This is one of the flashbacks throughout the movie. The storyline will definitely keep you interested in the movie, perhaps even confused until everything unfolds in the end. What makes it so interesting is that the film constantly jumps from the present and to the past and vice-versa. The films will detail a problem in their relationship, showing the couple fighting, and then proceed so a romantic dinner they had when they first started dating. Slowly but surely the film works its way backwards as you ponder as to what cheap custom Chiefs jersey happened to create so many issues in this couple. It's impossible to believe that two people who love each other at such a young age can amount to such a knotty relationship. But keep yourself focussed because everything unfolds at the end.You know the film will have a spin because even the title is a little unique. Valentines are associated with the colour red so by emphasizing “Blue Valentine” it is highlighting a different type of romance. Not only that, but the film is set for release on New Year's Eve. Although New Years is not Valentine's Day, it can also be considered a romantic evening (especially the countdown kiss).Overall the movie is going to be the romance film of the valentine season and you should be ready for a twist. It is a little early for February but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take spouse for an early treat. If you can't make it to a movie theatre, then you should start and watch Blue Valentine online by a nice cozy fire. Happy Blue Valentine's Day!
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