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Bend affection in Education

Posted Jan 03 2013 3:24am
Bend affection in Education Although you have a pair of the ordinary hand, but you do so much; although you only have a small body, but you can have more than others; although you just earned a modest village primary school teacher, but you are a great educator. You are a great people, you are our mother. You now have some old, but you are so young, full of vitality, especially your perseverance ugg store and enthusiasm to the cause of education. You love this occupation, you have no complaining in all the school conditions and give you treatment. In my heart, you are not only a great teacher, but also a great mother. In March 1, 2011, I graduated last semester in sand heart primary school internship. Although that day was March, but the weather was very hot. I am carrying luggage, set foot on to the sad heart town car. At that time, I was full of sadness, because I am afraid of entering a strange environment. Soon, I am very anxious. Surprisingly, the school has sent you to me. I remember you just like a loving mother to her daughter's triumph. I felt very warm, comfortable. Your behavior and words and deeds not to complete the leadership to give your talk -- to intern. I was very happy, forget to ask your name, only one sound to call your teacher. Into the campus, you for me to arrange everything well, clean the room, bed, hanging nets, buy lunch box...... You are mine. Don't catch a cold, should always take care of their body. Because this is in remote mountain areas, traffic, medical treatment is not easy. Came, I and your room for a few small buildings, but each after school, you will always have a book I, asked me if i meet here the environment, there is no need for help. I remember when i go to school after the first teacher at the meeting. I heard the president strongly praised a substitute teacher. He said: you are a substitute teacher, teaching is the first grade, but every year you teaching quality in the brother school is to be the way ahead. At that time, I felt very worship of the teacher. I did not know that is you. Suddenly one day I turn on duty for the day, to check when break discipline. I passed the teachers' dormitory corridor, sun, I look kc5oen4d a bit old teacher is giving a boy lessons. That is you! Look at you on the child's careful guidance and amiable. Feel your passion and enthusiasm for education, to understand your occupation on the enthusiasm and the spirit of selfless dedication, I was moved. I never saw you like this so into the work manner. And then I decided to you, for example, to become a people's teacher after. You truly: the old I told as well as old person, young and of the person young. You put all the children as his own children. This is a great mother image? One day, a more remote child sick at home, children unattended, a teacher is reflected to the school, we do not find an ideal approach. You offered to put the children into their quarters, you deliberately as he produced a small bed. You take care of him for a whole month. His parents after rehabilitation and get the kids to go home without saying thank you. But you do not care. You say the child with you in life, you gain unlimited happiness. And he is your day, children in achievement, character, attitude and so on have been greatly improved. Another time, two children fighting, a child hurt his feet, we feel just a minor sprain, rest on nothing. However, for the night is coming, you hesitate strongly to send their children to school for the hospital, you hit the light of secretly flashlight slowly carrying a child out of school. The doctor says, if late for half an hour, the child's foot will be seriously very, even to leave behind the future trouble. Then, your face out of anxiety and a need to show that saved the child after the joy. You are not only saved the child's foot. It is to save a life. If it had not been for your timely to take him to hospital, children may be branded ", will give children infinite inferiority. My legs are not convenient. Later his life not only has more twists, and more psychological pressure. But because of your love for the child, he had a full life, his life because of you and reflects the higher value. And every time you speak, you are very warm, very happy. I ask you what can hold nearly thirty years of a lives, a meager income, you said you are not short of cash, you just need to derive pleasure snow boots for women from children. You said womens snow boots if you are free from teach, be most willing to. No regrets his original choice. I said you can sing with a new character put on a par with, you said you just did a teacher's responsibility. You are a loyal to the cause of education, you are our mother, I am proud of you.
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