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Beauty's election system safety hidden trouble attention or are faced with great challenge

Posted Nov 07 2012 4:00am

In 2012 the United States  Cheap Beats By Dre  presidential election on November 6, will be announced later. For the forthcoming results, CNN to machine voting system security question: "you of the voting system exactly have much security?"

According to the voting security experts said, you have reason to worry about the safety of the votes, and they want to improve after the aspects.

The United States validation vote foundation President Pamela Smith said: "overall, our country as a whole has become more flexible, more reliably voting system, this is a good thing. Now than a few before the election, is better than the last election much better. We see progress, but we still see the huge challenge."

Validation vote foundation by Stanford university computer science professor David l. Dill was established in 2003, is for the purpose of from local, state and federal levels, to ensure that the us presidential election all the accuracy of the votes.

Since the election since, have voting tampered situation exists. Archaeologists in one place the  Cheap Beats By Dre  rubble 190 piece shard. These ceramic chip seems to be in 471 BC in ancient Athens elections, people use of the vote. But in 2012, the election advocates worry most about electronic voting machines millions of voters in save data memory.

According to this year's vote data, there are more than 45 million voters choose machine vote, namely every four voted one of them through the machine to vote. Machine will be automatically stored vote, won't make a single vote.

The Delaware state, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey and south Carolina especially depend on these machines. These will not generate vote vouchers voting machine was also some key states use, for example, Ohio, Florida and Colorado.

According to vote advocates say, if there is no entity of the vote, so we can't confirm whether votes tampered.

In John Hopkins university specializing in computer security field 路 rubin portrait of professor said: "if the election everyone forecast a party will win, but the results also like this, so now we worry about is not a big problem. Because everyone knows that election is the result of the feelings of the people."

In 2000, the rubin little bush and al gore's election as an example: "a lot of democratic supporters feel votes stolen. In this case, the two sides of the vote there can be very close to. So we should have confidence to election machine." The same is true in this year's election. Most of the poll found that President Obama and republican candidate Mr Romney same votes.

The experts were now start to worry about electronic voting machines, because in 2000 Florida vote statistics have happened very confusion cases, also became the election officials will  beats by dre cheap  never forget a nightmare. When the votes were damaged and occurrence ground paper and cause controversial vote, make the electronic voting system were questioned, was finally appeal to the Supreme Court. Later, the United States senate appropriations hundreds of millions of dollars, with more sophisticated electronic voting machine replace states use the hole card type votes.

Rubin said: "just think, if your term papers stored in only a disk, you will be so nervous. And now, we are talking about is stored in a voting machine in a lot of votes. If before we worry about ticket be falsified, so now we have to worry about the votes are lost."

At the same time, the expert points out, there is no clear standard case, potentially malicious hackers attack is very possible. Rubin said: "this is a simple, high school level programming procedures. I've seen it code. Has also see a lot of code was posted on the Internet, you have way to know how to code a ballot. All a skilled senior high school programming ability can, especially when it is experienced programmer." He said that as long as through the $20 hardware and a paper clips, touch screen voting machine data can be changes. A more worrying is the fact that mass early voting, there are some vote apparatus have been stored in schools, churches and other places.

As early as in 2003, the us state of Maryland a research group report shows that by Diebold company supplies a voting machine design not beautiful. The California institute of technology and the Massachusetts institute of technology reported that, the company each voting system use identical encryption key. In addition, in 2006 a HBO called "hackers democracy" documentary also revealed the weaknesses of electronic voting machines.

The good news is that critics say these questions has not expanded. However, in the fierce competition in the state, for example, Ohio, there are still some concerns. Although Ohio all the voting machine is equipped with a printer to print ballot single. But about half of the county is using touch screen of electronic equipment. Although these touch screen machines have is transformed, can be connected to the printer. But the risk of tampered still exists. And relative electronic ballot, its print out of the vote single may cause confusion.

California technology political science professor Michael alvarez says, in the short term, election officials are already aware of the existing electronic voting system most safety hidden trouble. He said: "the safety of electronic voting machines is not only concerned with those put in at polling places electronic voting machines, and read the ticket machine... in many cases, read the  beats by dre cheap  ticket machine shrink existing security loophole more people know. In the past four to six years, all over the country's election officials have passed the test, and try to work, in order to better protect voting system."

In addition, the national election officials have stopped buying votes don't generate a single vote apparatus, and preferred alternative paper ballot optical or digital scanner machine. Some states equipped with electronic voting machine hardware can also generate paper ballot single.

Smith said President from the last mass purchase only electronic voting function machine for seven years. She said: "not the latest, most dazzling, is the best. Vote, is often the most real." At the same time, she worried about the safety of votes to those who put forward the proposal: "for voters to the most important thing is, even if you don't vote is not displayed.

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