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baby with milk protein allergy-reaction to hypoallergenic formula?

Posted by mom2candc

My 8 month old daughter is on the hypoallergenic formula due to milk protein allergy. She was doing fine it, but now every time she is drinking the bottle, her face, neck and chest go all red and splotchy and she seems a little breathless. The appearance goes away fairly soon after she finishes eating. I can't find anything on the internet about this problem.

Any info or ideas would be appreciated :-)


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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for taking the time and responding. They did have us try the soy first, but it didn't improve the symptoms she was having at the time (nasal congestion, abdominal pain/colicky symptoms) so they put her on the hypoallergenic formula. She has been on it for about 5.5 months with no problems, which is why this new issue is confusing. I did go ahead and take a picture after this last bottle to show the doc on Monday--thanks for the suggestion!

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