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Aunt Cyndi

Posted Jan 06 2009 8:21am

Families with food allergies often encounter people who just don’t “get it”.  So when we meet someone who does “get it” it feels like a gift. Better then just a gift...a day at the spa with nut-free oils being rubbed onto your back...a chance to finally relax. 


My sister really GETS it. She understands the vigilance, unwanted drama and seriousness that come hand-in-hand with food allergies.


Yesterday, after reading my blog, she sent me her response to the Time article. She posted it on Digg and sent it into the editorial department. I wanted to share it with everyone because I like her logic. She brings up some great points, threw in a few insults and is well articulated. It’s great and here it is:


Christakis’ commentary is only and merely a commentary.  A commentary should not be confused with a well-reasoned, empirical, peer-reviewed scientific study.  Christakis’ commentary does not adhere to any scientific methodology and was published by the British Medical Journal as an observation.   Christakis’ observations are to the British Medical Journal what Andy Rooney’s observations are to 60 Minutes: bigoted rants by cruel windbags used as filler.

While some writers have used Christakis’ commentary, Time has gone a step beyond hyperbole and into the realm of subterfuge.  Time gave Christakis’ commentary the illusion of being a scientific article. However, after a minute of review and a few easily gathered facts, I have applied Christakisian logic, with a Time/Sharples spin, to reduced speed limits in school zones. I reached the inevitable conclusion that reduced speed limits in school zones are unnecessary and continue to be imposed by a group of hypersensitive shrills who fail to consider the rights of others driving to work.

A Christakisian analysis of reduced speed limits in school zones demonstrates that less than 1 child per 100,000 are killed in traffic related pedestrian deaths. The statistical majority, 43%, occur between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and traffic related pedestrian deaths have dramatically decreased in the past decade.  Which then allows you to draw the Christakisian conclusions that the priorities of society are skewed if there is continued enforcement of reduced speed limits in school zones and that the enforcement of reduced speed limits in school zones only satisfies the illogical anxiety of a minority of parents who need therapy.

While it would be easy to use Christakisian logic, with a Time/Sharples spin, to conclude that most rules, statutes, and regulations followed or instituted in our society to protect minority groups are skewed, I beg all who read this to please not follow Christakis off the nut laden cliff like Tiffany Sharples and other lemmings.”©


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