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At my workplace there is black dust/? coming out of the vents and all over the ceiling, should I be concerned about allergens?

Posted by sloganbills

Everybody in my office are constantly sneezing, every a.m.  as soon as I get to work, I get a sinus headache, nose itching and skin itching as well.  Should I be concerned with the air vents being filthy and black stuff coming out of it and all across the ceiling?  Is this mold?  We need help..
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I agree with your complaint because I experienced the exact same problems at work and when tried to fix the problem by changing the air ducts, vents, walls, carpet, floor

tiles, ceiling tiles, painting, and removing asbestos all while we were still working in the symptoms was 10 times worse sneezing 20 times non-stop and getting

skin rashes in the 4 year period of construction. I'm hoping to find more people like you to band together to complain to the Department of Labor because they just don't care

about the Clean Air Act unless a group of people with similar complaints complain together. A construction worker told me that the black dust is from the air duct inner

coating made of fiberglass and after 20+ years later the fiberglass deteriorates and become fine black dust which is blown out of the vents onto the workers. I'm worried about

the long term effects of breathing the black fiberglass dust for 30+ years (maybe this is why cancer is an epidemic). Please contact me at
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