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Apple iPhone Losts Its Dominance in the Smartphone industry

Posted Feb 28 2013 8:49am

Like Samsung GalaxySIII, the mobile phone has prompted the question. Apple's mistakes and lost opportunities also urged people to put forward the question. In this process, some people wonder whether iPhone will be decline in 2013 to combat in demand.

Of course, the demand decline is a relative term. In the case of iPhone, this does not mean that iPhone sales will decline. On the contrary, this situation may be iPhone sales growth slowed this year. For apple, the worst may be decreased iPhone shipments in 2013. In either case, consumers and business users in 2013 the demand for iPhone will to some extent decrease. Five reasons to tell you why iPhone will be decline in 2013 to combat in demand.

1. propaganda machine is reduced

When Steve Jobs managed Apple, Apple 's propaganda machine has been running very well. However, Apple 's propaganda machine now weakened. Current CEO Tim Cook does not like Jobs charm. Apple has lost many dazzling star charm. Consumers also began to realize that apple is no longer the only can provide exciting products company. Apple's new mobile product updates have been somewhat boring also illustrates the problem.

2, the amplitude upgrade of iPhone may be quite small this year

To observe the history of Apple, Apple makes a major upgrade to iPhone every year. If Apple again this year in accordance with the implementation of the plan, iPhone5S will only is very small and the upgrading of the iPhone5. For a need to make efforts to improve their product demand for the company, this is a problem.

3. Samsung made a challenge for Apple

Many discussions about iPhone, which are related to one of the biggest rival in the field of mobile: Samsung. Samsung is not only the main enemy apple in a patent court, and continue to provide the same apple iPhone as good or better products company. GalaxyS4 intelligent mobile phone Samsung is expected to be launched in the next few months. The mobile phone may be far more than iPhone5. If so, Apple will be very difficult to keep up with the pace of Samsung. Though this, I think that there are still more and more iPhone cases come into being, for example, cheap iphone 5 cases.

4, Google is a great threat to Apple

We also don't forget Google is a great threat to Apple. Over the years, Google has been improved Android. Now, Android may be better than iOS. In addition, Google will firm partners invested heavily in hardware. Paying attention to Google will take massive action this year against iPhone.

5" value"

All of these problems are formulated as a final question: Apple can really win the " value " reason? Since 2007, iPhone by the reasonable price is generally thought to seek high-end properties of ordinary consumers is the most valuable. However, this opinion is now is not necessarily true. The price of iPhone is in intelligent mobile phone price range of high-end. Considering the function of iPhone has not yet reached some competitive product level, still do not see consumers this year will be found in the iPhone of much value. Whether you believe it or not, iPhone may lose their high prices in 2013 on the grounds.

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