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anything I can do to prevent allergic reation to my daughters dog?

Posted by grannyn

I am going to visit my daughter in Or.  She is expecting her first child, I am allergic to her dog!!  Is there anything I can do or take to prevent an outbreak?

I have an inhaler to take after the fact.


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My kids have that problem every time they go to a slumber party. For us the best bet is Zyrtec, you can get it over the counter now. It is an antihistamine like Benadryl, but doesn't knock you out. It can cause slight drowsiness, but my girls say that it doesn't for them. Take one before you go and then once daily until you head home (although you should make sure it is not going to make you drowsy first if you are going to be driving). Best of luck, I hope you have a wonderful visit!
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