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any remedy for itchy, reddish and swollen eyes?

Posted by charo011

my eyes been bothering me for almost a week now. its itchy, reddish and swollen (sometimes it looks like an eye of the fish)
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Cold cucumbers over your eyelids (like in the spas) will help with the swelling, also always store your eye drops in the fridge to keep them cold, they are so soothing this way, and seem to help more with the irritation. Go to the pharmacy and buy a really good allergy eye drop, my absolute fav is Similasan Allergy Eye Relief (it is a little on the pricey side but works so much better then any other brand I've found, bring them home, store in fridge and use when needed, and that should help!  If it doesn't you may want to go to your doctor and see if you ate something you were allergic to or maybe you're having a reaction to your makeup, face wash or moisturizer. Good luck and I hope that helps! 
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