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Any link between sulfite ingestion and fatigue symptoms?

Posted by Larkwind

Our almost 20yo son has had extreme fatigue for 6 yrs. We've tried waiting (teen boys are tired from growing), antidepressants (this definitely helps internal anger symptoms but not fatigue; there's a genetic component here), sleep study (normal).  He does have exercise-induced asthma symptoms that prevent him from playing much w/friends or little brother--he's just quit trying to be active, it hurts.  Inhalers, ADD meds, make him feel horrible so he won't take them.  We are to the point of trying nutrition/allergy avenues.  Talked w/a young woman who said she has to avoid sulfites--symptom was extreme fatigue for years!  This brightened our day and gave us another path to try but most info is about sulfites and asthma w/noo mention of fatigue.  Thanks for any ideas.
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Have you ever had your son tested for food allergies? Many food allergies mess with nutrient absorption and can cause fatigue. Food allergies can also increase asthma symptoms. Two of the big ones that affect digestion are gluten and dairy. They are also very hard to avoid, so I would have him tested before randomly eliminating possible allergens. On a personal note, my mother is allergic to sulfites, they give her asthma symptoms, and my sister-in-law was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrom before she went off dairy and "magically" found herself all better. I think you are on the right path. Best of luck!
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