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Anti radiation clothes are must-have for pregnant mother

Posted Sep 25 2012 8:16am

Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. Pregnant is the most sacred moments of each mother, however, society develops not only bring convenience to the people living at the same time, but also electromagnetic radiation pollution. Even after the pregnancy, can reduce the radiation pollution of office computer, it is difficult to avoid the family against pollution, such as microwave ovens, televisions, telephones, information on how to choose a good radiation protection clothing, is important for baby and the mother's health.

1. first determine whether super protective radiation suits are required:

General recommendations selected super protective radiation cloth who is working in the engine room or in a work environment for protection of pregnant women wear with more than 50 computers. General protective radiation cloth has about 25% metal protective effect of fiber, but super protective radiation cloth has about 30% metal fiber.

2. decide themselves to underwear or a horse-clip radiation protective clothing:

Radiation proof underwear is to bring white collars to protect themselves. Of course, if you are ready to pregnancy, you can wear underwear, but once pregnant 3 months after, you must wear protective waistcoat (protect the spinal nerves).

3. Select style: styles are the best, basically protective effect is the same, but style is different. The silver radiation protection aprons, comprehensive protection of the safety of themselves and their fetuses; the anti radiation skirts are full belly before protection design, comprehensive protection infant security.

4. color: because of dirty resistance, so Navy Blue is the color with the largest selection. Pink is for those woman who like beautiful, who says pregnant women can't be beautiful. Purple is both dirty and pretty colors. Others, such as blue, gray and army green.

5. choose the size: the suitable size is good. Buy anti radiation clothes for pregnant women, it is recommended that slightly larger, so better for yourself and your baby. The silver radiation supplies special structure design, adjust with the abdominal circumference size, prior to the meet from early pregnancy to perinatal changes of growing waistlines.

6. Select fabric: coating (best is silver plated) radiation-resistant maternity clothes ranked better, the disadvantage is that feel hard, ventilation is not good. Do not wash. The silver radiation protection products exclusive professional "Nano Silver radiation protection interface", "Silver fiber infiltration radiation interface" technology, resistant to repeated washing, Super breathable, antibacterial to remove static electricity.

Metal blended products radiation-resistant maternity clothes, the advantage is a feel good, good permeability, and can also be washed. Disadvantages are for computers, televisions and other appliances radiation effects is low. Advise to baby's health, please select carefully.

Ionic silver fiber, this fabric is blended between a variety of metal, but due to the high cost of silver, so only a small amount of product on the market.

7. testing of radiation protective clothing

First look at radiation protection clothing label. Through the label, you can call the manufacturer, to determine from which dealers into the cargo. This method can only be preliminary determined product authenticity.

Think through the above described, pregnant moms can be purchased to fit their own radiation protection suits.

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