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Allergy Testing: My Allergy Test and Other Testing

Posted Sep 15 2011 2:12pm

When it comes to allergies and allergy testing there is no question that it can get confusing for the consumer. I am very excited to share with you a new testing tool for consumers, which I believe will dramatically empower consumers and change the medical testing landscape. The new testing tool is called My Allergy Test®, which is an FDA cleared testing kit for in-vitro diagnostic use. What this means to consumers is that for around $60.00 you can purchase a kit to be IgE tested (you can find the difference between IgE and non-IgE mediated allergies on my website under resources) without having to see a primary care physician or allergist. This is a real tool for consumers.

The company who makes the MyAllergyTest® kit is ImmuneTech, and you can visit their website at: for more information. The MyAllergyTest® kit tests for some of the most common allergens including: 4 pollens -Timothy Grass, Bermuda Grass, Mountain Cedar (Juniper), Short Ragweed; 1 mold - Alternaria; 3 foods - Milk, Egg White, Wheat; and 2 others - Cat and House Dust Mite. I was so excited when I found about the existence of this product!! Why? Because it puts some power in the hands of the consumer when it comes to their health. I see several areas where this product will be helpful to consumers.

One is to determine if they have an IgE mediated allergy to the allergens being tested for in the kit. While, yes, the kit is limited to ten allergens - the fact that you can get this testing on your own without seeing a doctor is helpful for those consumers whose primary care doctor will not refer them to an allergist. Now a consumer can take the results into their physician - assuming there are some positive results - and make a request to be referred to an allergist and have real data as the basis for the request. It is also helpful to consumers if their test results are positive to milk, egg whites or wheat to know immediate to avoid these foods. They can then seek the appropriate medical advice from their physician on how to proceed with further testing or avoidance.

This kit also opens up new doors for consumers, in my humble opinion, who do not have health insurance. For the cost, this is valid, scientific testing that can be a tool for consumers with limited or no access to health care to help them sort out what might be causing particular symptoms that are allergy related. The kit is easy to use. Yes, I did use one on myself so I know exactly how easy it is to use. I was most intimidated by the lancet in the kit. You only need a very small amout of blood - this is a finger stick type of test. You mail the contents of the kit back to the company as instructed in their directions, and you will receive an e-mail directing you to go to the company website where you can view, download and print your test results. It really is that simple! 


This is a picture of the front of the MyAllergyTest® Kit.

You can order the MyAllergyTest® kit directly from the company or find out more about the company or the kit through their website: . My results showed that I had no IgE allergies to the ten items tested! Whew! What a relief! The most intimidating aspect to me was using the lancet. This is really a finger-stick test, which means you only need a few drops of blood from your finger tip. Once you follow the instructions in the kit and send the sample back to the company, you will then get an e-mail from the company directing you to their website where you can view, download, and print your test results. Or if you request it, you can have your results sent to you by U.S. mail. It is a kit that is well put together and has a great deal of potential to help consumers!!! Yay ImmuneTech! I'd love to hear your comments and results if you used this product!! Have a wonderful day!


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