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Allergy Medications

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm 1 Comment
ANNOUNCER: Allergy medicine - far too often people don't take theirs regularly.

Alisa, Allergy Sufferer: I just am lazy about it, and feel like if it's not bothering me right now, I don't need to be bothered. It's only when it starts happening that I go, "oh, I should have done that."

ANNOUNCER: Allergists agree it's a mistake to skip allergy medicine.

Beth E. Corn, M.D.: Overall, you will feel better if you're consistent and you're taking your medications. Once you let your allergies get out of control, it kind of snowballs, and there's just - what happens is, you have inflammation, which leads to more inflammation, and you can end up getting pretty sick and pretty uncomfortable.

ANNOUNCER: According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. And there are many people who simply don't recognize they're having allergic symptoms.

Beth E. Corn, M.D.: Symptoms of allergy can also be very subtle. So if you are walking around feeling tired and headachy during the spring or fall season, chances are that might be a symptom of allergy

ANNOUNCER: So, if you're not feeling well - see your doctor.

Beth E. Corn, M.D.: There are so many remedies that can be offered to you that are safe and that are extremely effective, whether it's an antihistamine, and antileukotriene, a nasal steroid or allergy shots, they're extremely beneficial. There's no reason to feel uncomfortable.

ANNOUNCER: As for Alisa, well, she's working on it.

Alisa, Allergy Sufferer: I always have it. I don't like to take it, but I always have it. Isn't that funny?

ANNOUNCER: Thanks for joining us on today's Once Daily!

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