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alcohol allergy after 2 sips of wine or beer

Posted by silverfox

After having sipped three sips of a can of beer developed an asthma cough and runny congested nose and itchy eyes, itchy throat and ears and a feeling of closing of the throat. This happened twice with a can of beer. Then at dinner I tried a glass of wine got a really severe reaction coughing for 25 minutes to a point of choking and runny nose  itchy eyes and throat and ears and hives of the hands and redness of the face. Took about an hour before I felt better. Am now afraid to touch any kind of alcohol. Have severe allergies to medications, lemons and shell fish. Why would this happen all of a sudden. Tried a can of beer one wk then two weks later tried the other different brand and then 3 weeks later tried the dinner wine  zinfindel. Take previcid and lisinopril once daily. That should not interfere with one drink. Could not finish either drink was afraid to. Is this an allergy?
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