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Ahead of you is air max 1 for sale after Bayer

Posted Jan 18 2013 8:21am
Ahead of you is air max 1 for sale after Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Gerard, curator-Bend, aged 23, Germany midfielder sale price by up to 10 million euros in the past year, reaching 25 million euros. Indeed, the low-key in the Bend in the game, but experts have seen: at hand the midfielder's Bend and central role, he was also seen as a future leader Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern Munich have three players into the top ten. Krause, Arabba respectively, as well as Moller. Kroes, in third place, and his excellent play was not unrelated to this season, Bayern this season although the frontcourt stars gather, but Krause still Golden frontcourt core.??
Dunbar-a goal, makes people think the Chelsea striker of the past hasaierba grams. With the Netherlands than similarly black skin of the BA-BA, with the same sense of smell, and both cheap nike air max   equally strong flexibility and impact. People always think Chelsea acquisitions BA-BA, is the black tower replaced Didier Drogba, but several games down, BA-BA in addition to hardness, flexibility is quite strong. In fact, at Chelsea shifted under the background of technical, pure power forward does not completely meet the needs of the team, the Blues need, is both the power and flexibility of enough shooters, and BA-BA is the Blues wanted. Before this match, Southampton coach Adkins said: "I think BA-BA joined Chelsea into competing teams. ”??
However, this may be changed in the not-too-distant future, Mourinho and Josep Guardiola once again between method and PK, and is likely to repeat itself again in the English Premier League game! From today's daily mirror to "Titans duel, Josep Guardiola in the premier competition Mourinho (Clash of the titans:Pep Guardiola ready to battle Jose Mourinho for top Premier League job)" for the title, directly pointed out that one of bingo's biggest deals--the struggle between two famous handsome show, will soon move to the Premier League.??

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