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after two people womens air max ltd Internet always call has been talking

Posted Nov 17 2012 3:08am
Night boys habitual pick up the phone chatted about the QQ, he saw that called benzene pig girl on the line, so they take the initiative to greet her, two people talk very speculative, chatted for a boy casually asked: benzene pig you have a boyfriend? " The girl said "No I have not been in love," the boy said: "Then let me do your boyfriend, I take care of you head bungy", the girl said: "I can not fall in love for fear of injury," the girl, then The boys laugh, the boy said with a smile: "I will not let you any harm," the girl said: "Give me a reason," said the boy called 'benzene pig, I called a pig, our family '! Boy humor girls laugh and said: "Well, but later on you to take care of me Oh," the boy said: "certainly, fool", and they exchanged numbers, days after two people womens air max ltd Internet always call has been talking late into the night, before finally hanging the phone to sleep.

 the girl said "good boy for me to sing it," the boy said 'you want to hear ah 'the girl said: [The Day After Tomorrow] "boys as girls sang first Jie [The Day After Tomorrow] over and over after the girl said" really nice "pet boy shot under the girl's head said:" I give you sing ", the girls dig open-mouthed Speaking of" Do not shoot the head, will become the benzene Oh, "the boy said:" You have been very benzene ah "girl pretending angry Speaking:" is stupid but you beat on more stupid, helpless boy smiled, then tender for the girls sing the first [fairy], over and over after the girl said; "really nice I did not expect you to sing so nicely, boy air max 90 uk proudly say," Of course I K song Prince oh, if you wish, then I give you every day to sing right? "Girl shy Speaking of 'grace', the boy asked:" I can do your boyfriend "? Girls shy bowed his head in silence, the boy comes to the" do not speak is silence Oh, "the girl looked up and staring eyes Before the girl spoke, the boy on the girl's mouth to snout lip, the girl did not resist, naughty boy comes to "fool kiss how not to close your eyes it?
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