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After being sprayed in an air duct, we have had chemical burn for 5 weeks. Is it OK to use activated charcoal?

Posted by Naira

The Air Duct Cleaning Company sprayed chemical in an air duct on Dec. 1st, 2010. Since then I turned heater only twice because I was told by Department of Environment/San Francisco City so that chemical could be burned and blown out. For 5 weeks, all the windows of our house are open during the day and night. Recently I noticed that the chemical in the air works more with light as lamp and heat during cooking. My skin has become darker and darker day by day. It is so painful. I wear hut and cover most of my body at home.  My tang is burning and teeth are likd after eating pineapple. My teeaged kid's face is red and peeling off in some part. I went to my primary care physitcian twice. She told me that she never had patient like me. Finally she said, "I wish I could give you more advice." Next week I have another appointment with dermatoligist. But we live in that air everyday. I need to make the air better at home. Breathing that air could also give us some significant problem later. We never know. My eys are so irritated, too. 

Since I have an experience to use charcoal to absorb mercury in the Amazon river. That was a pilot project about 20 years ago. I wondered if activated charcoal could be used for this situation. 

I am very sorry that I am writing so much all of sudden in caos. I am like in a panic. I really hope that you give me suggestion to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.



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