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Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger - Gluten Free Gigi

Posted Jun 10 2011 1:24pm
You have all heard the term "Epic Fail," right? Well, that was the perfect description of my Memorial Day cooking experiences. I was full of ambition that day, preparing for a family cookout - homemade GFCF baked beans, macaroni salad, and hamburger and hot dog buns to go along with burgers, dogs, and corn on the cob, all cooked on the grill.

Umm...let's just say things didn't quite go as planned.

OK, the turkey burgers and the dogs and the corn turned out great on the grill - quite frankly, it's hard to mess any of those up. But the macaroni salad turned out bland, the baked beans had too strong an onion flavor, and the buns - well, let's just say that at least taste-wise I achieved proof of concept, if not a usable bun.

Fortunately, this past Saturday provided an opportunity for a redo. It was my daughter's birthday, and my in-laws were in town, so it was a perfect time for another cook out. And, as you will see in upcoming posts, the beans and the buns turned out much better too (I didn't remake the macaroni salad - it just needed a little more mayo and seasoning anyway).

But first things first - the redemption of my first Memorial Day epic fail. And the fulfillment of a gluten free blogger adoption a month overdue.

I adopted Gigi of Gluten Free Gigi back in April , with every intent of trying a recipe and getting it posted by the beginning of May. Suffice to say, circumstances prevented me from completing the adoption on time. No problem, said the wonderful Sea , you can do it for the next round. Which, by the way, is being hosted by Zoe at Z's Cup of Tea .

Memorial Day was to be the day - I had picked out the recipe I wanted to try - Gigi's Jelly Doughnut Muffins . This would be a great holiday breakfast surprise for my kids. I was ready too, having all the ingredients infront of me...or so I thought. Halfway through the recipe, I realized I was out of applesauce. Not being able to turn back, I just added some extra CF milk to replace the sauce...

...and wound up with my first epic fail of the day.

The "doughnuts" looked more like drop biscuits. The jam filling had sank to the bottom of each muffin, making them difficult to get out of the tray, even one sprayed with cooking spray. It was a disaster!

Fortunately, Gigi is on Facebook . And was more than willing to help.

Gigi actually went back and tried to make the recipe without the applesauce, and it was as disasterous as my efforts. But all was not in vain, as it gave Gigi the opportunity to adjust the recipe and make it even better!

And so, I present you with my second attempt at Gigi's jelly doughnut muffins , and my first redemption - a delicious breakfast on my daughter's birthday!

It wasn't perfect - I still had a batter that was too runny. But I think that was due to the flour mix I used. I have been using various combinations of Bob's Red Mill GF all purpose flour blend, tapioca flour,and brown rice flour - in this case, it was 1 cup Bob's Red Mill, 1/2 cup tapioca, and 1/4 cup brown rice. And, I used the entire amount of CF milk (in my case, almond milk). What I should have done was added just enough to get the mix to the correct consistency, and then bake as Gigi recommends. Instead, I improvised - I let the muffins bake until the just started setting (about 4 minutes) then I added the jam to each one. That did the trick, and my kids loved their "doughnut" breakfast.

One thing I would do is consider using rice milk, as Gigi did (Gigi also has nut allergies). There was a bit of an almond taste that some may consider overwhelming, which of course would be eliminated with rice milk.

If you haven't already met Gigi, then I encourage you to check out her blog and website. And "like" her page on Facebook. You will not be disappointed.

And while you are at it, please check out this post by Debi at Hunter's Lyonesse , who adopted Gigi this month!

Thank you Gigi for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

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