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Acute pancreatitis in life or more cheap dre beats common, but to the harm of patients

Posted Dec 25 2012 8:37am

China's 31 cities in patients with Cheap Beats By Dre   gastric cancer HER2 positive aid 21 start in Beijing.

Project sponsor Chinese cancer foundation of PengYu in the launching ceremony, cancer has become a threat to the health of the Chinese people's killer, and the incidence of a disease is increasing year by year, not only to the individual threat to life, and at the same time, family and society bring heavy economic burden.

Research shows that HER2 positive gastric cancer accounts for about 16% of all gastric cancer. The tumor hospital of Peking University, vice President of the ShenLin points out, all the time, gastric cancer cheap dr dre beats treatment effect is not ideal, because treatment costs are relatively high in some patients due to economic factors and was unable to complete the standardization of treatment, in addition, many patients with gastric cancer of HER2 positive cognition deficiency, but also lead to the subsequent treatment options and curative effect affected.

Chinese cancer foundation deputy secretary general ShiAnLi said that the aid project plan will promote stages to the country, the first to participate in the 31 cities, fifty hospitals of the nearly 200 medical workers get authorization, for patients with pertinence service.

Specific items of hospital and medical workers will be authorized list in cancer foundation web site "Hector and positive HER2 Hastings? Gastric cancer patients aid project" project page after published online unity. All accord with certain medical and economic conditions of the HER2 positive gastric cancer patients can go to the local designated hospital pharmacy or designated designated/authorized doctors, pharmacists appointed place consulting to apply.

Chinese cancer foundation says, the project will promote the patients, the public better cognitive HER2 positive stomach, promote gastric cancer HER2 detection rate, and the resistance of the standard as soon as possible, HER2 targeted therapy treatment benefit maximization.

Acute pancreatitis in life or more cheap dre beats common, but to the harm of patients can not be involved. The pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis due mainly to the pancreatic juice countercurrent and pancreatic enzyme damage pancreas, in view of the disease you can doing well the prevention measures. So, acute pancreatitis prevention should be how to do? Below we will come to know about it.

Eliminate the biliary tract disease: it is reported, in our country, because of gallstones in acute pancreatitis, namely gallstone pancreatitis accounted for more than 50% of the population. Therefore, prevention of acute pancreatitis is first to avoid or eliminate biliary disease. Such as preventing intestinal ascaris lumbricoides, timely treatment of biliary calculi and avoid causing biliary diseases acute attack, it is avoid causing acute pancreatitis important measures.

Avoid alcohol: a large number of drinking caused by acute pancreatitis is one of the important factors, therefore, usually someone who is drinking too much alcohol can best. In addition, due to chronic alcoholism and malnutrition caused liver, pancreas and organ damage, the human body's resistance to infection reduced ability of, that is more easy to cause acute pancreatitis.

Do not overeating crapulence: gluttony is one of the factors that cause acute pancreatitis, it can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, intestinal normal activities and emptying happen obstacle biliary and pancreatic juice normal drainage? Smoked cause pancreatitis. So, if you have friends, not overeating crapulence.

Other factors, such as infections, diabetes, mood and drug cheap beats and so on all can cause acute pancreatitis. Therefore, it is the basic diseases prevention and control of the disease.

Warm prompt: in fact the method of prevention of acute pancreatitis is to keep the good life habit, as long as avoid above bad habits, believe that can reduce the incidence of acute pancreatitis.

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