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"According to the provisions, if the end of this year Cheap Beats By Dre target evaluation

Posted Dec 17 2012 6:32am

"According to the provisions, if the end of this year Cheap Beats By Dre target evaluation standard, I don't pay deposit will be confiscated. Sichuan province NaJiangShi LongChangXian a party cadres quite have the confidence to tell a reporter, from the current work progress to see, he pay deposit "take back this should not be a problem".

At the beginning of the year, it is most unit busy annual assessment, the party and government departments is no exception. And this year, in sichuan province LongChangXian NaJiangShi in party construction work in the assessment of new rules: join earlier this year by the responsible persons signing target responsibility, and according to the request and pay the deposit, if target finish effect is good, will have corresponding reward; If the target is not eligible evaluation, margin will directly to the county finance.

"We as an attempt to clear rewards and punishments, with economic management implementation of party construction work responsibility." According to the county party committee organization department, a controller introduces, the party leadership group consists of five groups, each group separately by the standing committee of the county party committee in charge of RenZuChang, related business department as deputy chief of the principal. On February 8, county party construction work at the meeting, the county party committee respectively with each group signed a "target responsibility", is clear about this year's work task, finish time, specific measures and target, the effect of project management.

"Each group separately according to the 3000 yuan, deputy chief of 2500 yuan, 1000 yuan standard members pay deposit, deposit all by individual pay, execute only door management." The county party committee, deputy director of the office of zhang heng, told reporters late December, the county party committee related departments will start to each team goal task for quantitative evaluation, the assessment score decided to reward and punishment. "Assessment in more than 80 cheap dr dre beats points, deposit refund all, and to give certain incentives, and less than 80 points, which will turn over to the margin all county finance." Zhang heng said.

LongChangXian will "margin" introduce party construction work assessment cause netizen hot debate. Netizens praise said: "this is use economic means to implement the responsibility to supervise the party, party organizations at all levels practical work." Have net friend warned, the key lies in the system and practically, assessment indicators should not only be quantified, more should formulate rules and regulations to ensure that it can obtain the strict execution.

According to the deputy director of the liaison office of party YangShiQuan introduction, each party construction work team has a specific marking, as a basis for assessment. YangShiQuan told reporters, pay the deposit, "can obviously feel each group of party construction work in progress and strength are enhanced". LongChangXian foreign affairs overseas  Chinese affairs HuangYong tourism bureau is one of the evaluation object, he also thought that "this is a way of promotion, pressure just has power".

Grass-roots party construction work hard as the other work, endowed with various data index quantification assessment. LongChangXian will concrete evaluation index into party construction work of the evaluation system, it is virtual work practice, quantification of party construction work is expected result in party work in assessment useful exploration. But the key lies cheap beats in the assessment of quantitative project actual operability and actual value, it is only when these as evaluation standard project truly, truly, can reflect the effectiveness of party construction work, the assessment only then has the significance and value.

Let the assessment of cadres pay "deposit", meaning lies in the award can punish chairman, let the unfinished task goal cadres know to work on the gap and the insufficiency. However, if in the appraisal system for goal task without any difficulty and challenge, the cadres with ease can be completed, all the margin can be no suspense to take back, such appraisal was lost meaning, let cadres in assessing the pay deposit has become go through the motions of the stunt, only bo person eyeball, no practical effect.

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