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According to cheap dre beats media eyewitness, this factory workers use a toothbrush

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:57am

Food production date is Cheap Beats By Dre  one of the important indexes of food safety, but some enterprise will be out of date products to date modified stick a card to sell again. Cool tea market is ranked third fujian Dali the group and it is cool tea, has been exposed to the "doctor production date".

According to media reports, "doctor production date" for Dali, the subsidiaries of jiangsu Dali food co., LTD., the company is located in jiangsu suqian, by fujian Dali group invested 1 billion yuan, build in September of this year is completed and put into operation, in addition to production and it is cool tea outside, also produce Dali garden green tea, Dali garden priority milk, plan the annual production value amount to 3 billion to 5 billion yuan.

According to cheap dre beats media eyewitness, this factory workers use a toothbrush is the rosin water, and it is bottled cool tea on the cap, the production date alter. This batch of cool tea in primary in August and September, the altered, to play code, the production date change in December of this year. However, things exposure, the company is mainly responsible for interpretation says is "code wrong". According to the site of the disclosures, suspected of interpolating the production date more than 3000 cases, not only and it is cool tea, may also include part of green tea products.

In fact, in 2007, and it is cool tea on formal market, sales and reputation has welcomed a period of brilliant, is cool tea industry cheap dr dre beats a horse "dark horse", but in recent years, with the security incident PinChu to its sales have brought some negative influence. Access to information show that in May this year, and it is once to expose up four quality security incident, the impact of the consumer confidence, also affect the sales.

According to the national bureau of statistics of China industry subordinates enterprise information release center published statistical results, China's current cool tea four strong market respectively, WangLaoJi add much, and the treasure with a hall. The million and occupy the market share of 73%, WangLaoJi accounted for beats by dre cheap 8.9%, and it is cool tea is 4.3%, ranked third, fourth to treasure a hall cool tea, a 0.9% market share.

According to a study released data bank adviser, these a few years China's cool tea market in beverage market share in the rising. In 2011, China cool tea market sales reached 28.6 billion yuan, this year is expected to more than 39 billion yuan. Now the first three quarters, cool tea market quarterly growth of more than 30%, the market has a huge potential for development, attracted numerous brands are involved in.

The data shows, jiangsu suqian Dali food co., LTD. Is fujian Dali the group company. Dali group have "Dali garden", "good point", "but bick" brand. In fact since 2012, about Dali garden brand product quality problems have been exposed - including canned Dali garden peanut milk appear sediment, and accompanied by strong bad smell. A number of times Dudley park plum green tea excess use of food additives ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium; Drinks the warranty period caking metamorphism; Bread out problems such as condom.

"At the moment, the beverage industry massages production date common: on the one hand, due to the production and the market demand is not consistent, beverage industry inventory pressure often now, enterprise in order to save manpower and material resources recalled products cost and interpolated production date; on the other hand, the relevant departments of penalty is not big enough to matter to wade enterprise produce deterrent effect." An adviser to the health food industry researcher in army with the international financial news reporter interviews that, enterprise standard should be mainly by one's own social responsibility to consumers' health and safety as the first criterion. In the food industry, enterprise once an accident, the first time are almost through a series of public relations measures to save the negative image, but improve the quality of products is for long.

A domestic food industry association in revealed to the media, the problem is to expose, Dali company processing attitude is negative, the injury of the brand image. He further added that "the enterprise will be expired drinks to play after the date of production is a new production of beverages, these drinks after the listing is likely to consumer health cause undesirable consequence.

Shanghai zhabei area and a beverage dealers the truth, in 2010 the cool tea consumption season, and it is a month can sell 500 cases of or so, and this summer, a month even 100 cases are sold out.

For the employees with rosin water wipe production date behavior, a senior lawyer told reporters that the behavior is certainly not compliance, suspected of violating the food safety, the competent authority may, according to relevant regulations shall be punished for enterprise.

According to the law of the People's Republic food security law "the ninety-sixth regulation, production do not meet the food safety standards or knowingly sells such food is not conform to the food safety standards of food, consumer in addition to request the compensation for the losses outside, still can ask the producer or seller pay the price for ten times compensation; If not cleared, also may require replacement.

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