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A Pasta Taste Test! The Results

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:14pm
I have finally developed a sauce for the pasta taste test, devised a method of cooking three pans of pasta at the same time, all of which had different cooking times. The aim was to cook all the pastas exactly as per instructions on the packet, not overpowering the pasta with the sauce, as I wanted to actually taste-test the pasta, not the sauce!

The sauce was a very simple one, a combination of half-fat fromage frais and home made basil, lemon and thyme pesto!

I tested three pasta's tagliatele from FranceAglut Bio, shells from Orgran and penne from Tesco's. As you can see from the picture I only actually ate the shells and the penne. Sadly the taagliatele didnt hold up very well and virtually disintegrated on cooking, it did taste quite good, but could have done with a couple of minutes less cooking - if you try this particular pasta, just dont cook it quite as long as it suggests on the pack. The penne and the shells came out of the pan looking good, they tasted good too, and were difficult to seperate in terms of taste. The Orgran shells though had a more pasta-like texture though, so all in all, I would have to reccomend Orgran pasta as being the best of these three

Please bear in mind though that I only taste-tested three pastas, there are many more than three brands out there! If anybody would like to tell me where or how I can get hold of Tinkyada, I would love to taste-test that particular brand as I have heard so many good things said about it!
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