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A Day Late: Coleslaw!

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:41pm
Oooops! A belated 'Happy Independence Day' to those that celebrating it eeeerrrr yesterday! I got my dates mixed up and thought today was the fourth, so gathered my ingredients today instead of yesterday!


Coleslaw is on the menu today!

I have a long history of making my own coleslaw. Going back nearly thirty years. I think my mother or father taught me how how to make it, so this is more than likely a handed down family tradition. I've at some time or other produced everything from a classic slaw of cabbage. carrots and mayo to elaborate versions containing poppyseeds, cheese or variations with salad ingredients

I have to sadly admit though, that I have never used a recipe as it is one of those things that is all based on the look and texture of the ingredients. This coleslaw is no exception.

It consists of about a third of a medium sized white cabbage, finely sliced and sprinkled with salt to soften the cabbage, left for a while, then the resultant liquid drained. To the softened cabbage I have added three peeled and grated carrots and half a red onion very finely diced. The ingredients are then tossed together. Mix into these ingredients spooonfuls of half fat mayonaise untill the right consistency is achieved. Leave in a bowl for around an hour to allow the flavours to mingle

There you have it .... No Recipe Coleslaw!

Enjoy :)
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