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A contest between Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle

Posted Dec 19 2012 9:06am

IPad, or Kindle, that is a question.

In the e-book field, it has become a hutch duel for Apple and Amazon, as contest between iPad and Kindle. Many e-books users, choose Kindle or iPad, is the most direct question.

This is a pair of draw lessons from each opponent, Amazon's Kindle is successful learning of apple iPod and the successful experience of iTunes, and Apple's iPad is along the Kindle market opening up forward.

2007 Amazon launched Kindle, Jobs had a contemptuous disregard, "Now there are many people read a Book? " But the fact is, Jobs also makes mistakes. Simple Kindle, and was released as a iPhone in that year, open up a new market, changed people's way of life.

Bezos called the Kindle "an ebook version of the iPod ", in fact there are many similarities between the success of Kindle and iPod. Bezos drew Jobs to create iPod and iTunes ecosystem success experience: in addition to the excellent hardware, but also need a perfect content platform.

Kindle sold $399, caused sensation, which was no less than the iPhone, after the sale in November of that year, only 5.5 hour sold; due to a predetermined amount is too great, shortage has a full 5 months time.

Ebook reader also was not Amazon's invention, but because the Kindle sales were accepted by the people of the world. E-Ink electronic ink technology was born in 1997, but Sony in 2004 launched the first to adopt the technology of electron book LIBRIe, but failed. The $375 price is not the key, (only 1200 of the book content inadequacy) is the crux of the problem.

Formed in 2010, Symple's owners saw a gap in the market for iPad accessories. "While living in Hong Kong, it became obvious that the UK was not at that time catering for ipad owners so after scouring the market for the best ipad cases, we created an online store", said its director.

Initially under name "Buy iPad Cases" the site recently rebranded as Symple, to reflect its unique approach of selling simply great cases with great service. It intends to launch its own brand cases under the same name in 2013. What is more, this company also will launch all kinds of unique cases for iphone, do you expect that day? Do not worry about this problem, best cases for iphone 5 are coming.

The hardware is important, the software is the key factor. IPod is hot because of iTunes, iPhone is hot because of App Store, because only the top, the success of the Kindle, and Amazon's content platform are inseparable. Amazon itself to do the book name, number of years of accumulation let Amazon became the largest electronic bookstore, Kindle just released, electronic bookstore has 90000 books. Now the number has exceeded 1000000 books.

In 5 years time, Amazon has launched the 5 generation of Kindle products, the price from $399 down to $69. While Amazon has not disclosed the specific Kindle sales, but according to the third party market research institutions expected 2010 sales, Kindle occupied the whole world ebook reader 62.5% share, up to 8000000 stations.

After 5 years of development, now the e-book market has gradually matured. Last May, Amazon announced the e-book sales exceeded the paper book in first time. And the end of this year, Amazon's Kindle e-book sales broke through 100000000 points. But what makes Amazon feel the pressure is, see the market potential, Apple was also to enter the ebook market in 2010 by virtue of iPad.

This is an Apple in the study of Amazon's success experience, iPad not only built a beautiful interface iBooks application, also built a scale comparable to the Amazon's electronic bookstore. IBooks not only has a Kindle series of search, bookmarks, dictionary and annotation function, sliding the page-turning experience also make readers more traditional feel.

With iPad Mini expected to be at the top of everyone over 8's Christmas List, Symple are looking forward to a bumper Christmas. The shop also sells cases for Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, Apple's main contenders in the fight of Christmas number one. So Buying best ipad mini cases are good chioce~

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