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A Christmas that is Gluten Free and low in Saturated Fat and Salt

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:19am
This christmas I have my two sons (aged 22 and 29) coming to stay for a few days, which I am really looking forward to! It will be three years since we have all been under the same roof for christmas day. That said, I am now beginning to ponder on the dietary restrictions!

Kevin, the elder of the two, is fairly easy to feed as he has no dietary restrictions but has tonic-clonic epilepsy, which means that alcohol is severely restricted and he has to have meals and medication at regular intervals. Leigh, the younger of the two, is a bit more difficult to feed as he has severe problems with gluten. Not too difficult yet!!!

So far I have to restrict gluten and alcohol. No big problem as I have been gluten free for more than five years, so a gluten free christmas isnt a great problem for me to deal with. The alcohol isnt really a problem either as I rarely cook with it, so just the problem of what is drunk from a glass, still no great problem as Kevin doesnt drink a great deal anyway!

So far, so good!

Add me to the equation and things start to get more difficult, as well as being gluten free, I have an ongoing problem with my cholesterol level, so saturated fats need to be avoided. Add my husband to the equation and I start to get a headache, a bad headache!! He had a heart-attack earlier this year and I have been on a learning curve to heart-healthy food ever since. His requirements are food that is low in saturated fats and salt while being high in fibre

No problem! Who am I kidding!

I'm in the preparation stages of a gluten-free christmas that is high in fibre while being low in alcohol, salt and saturated fats. If there is anybody else out there who has my food problems over christmas, this is roughly how my christmas is going to be looking this year!

Christmas Eve

Home-made beef stew with tons of heart-healthy vegetables

Christmas Day

Roasted beef and roasted crown of turkey, gluten free yorkshire puddings, a ton of vegetables and olive oil roasted potatoes, all served with a gluten-free gravy

Gluten Free christmas pudding with 0% fat Brandy cream

Gluten free cider instead of wine (cider with christmas lunch is a family tradition)

Boxing Day

Thats my mothers problem as we are all going there, but she is doing a roast chicken with an oven-load of Meditteranean-style roasted vegetables and olive oil roasted potatoes

Hopefully that will all go without a hitch! In the meantime I currently have the flu and am just about to make a nice wholesome heart-warming soup with another load of vegetables

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