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2012 years of silver will be the New Year

Posted Jan 18 2012 8:47am

In order to participate in the "window will be" the 2012 New Year will, after a year, and I came to the sockets of silver.

Today's wind, compared with last year's some cold. The gathering time and a half than, I arrived about a quarter of an hour, so they go to look in the street.

Need not crowded subway, need not go out of the day though ease, but time is long, have the feeling of behind era? Heart and kind and will be small up?

Just sit through the subway, also want to be careful, afraid to sit wrong. Become rare country of the world.

In turn, the xia shut than valley line to sockets. ShuiMingPai pass by, just know and to this wooden six as only two stand, just opposite direction. A few years ago have been to several times six this wood, how have no attention to this point?

  Supra TK Society                     Supra Vaider High


In the middle of the spire is small silver spokesmen, very some years

Last year it like this street. Because the street not grow in Japanese street common cherry blossoms and the ginkgo tree, but willow. This reminded me of my hometown miss; Reminded me of nostalgia's.

Living in Japan for 18 years, podul has not seen a few back. So since last year found here in the street after a willow, and gladness, and have been left in the mind.

I enjoy a willow, have ever given me many green dream and comfort. Is connected, and is also the symbol of good love. So this time, he came to this street and see the love still green, in the heart immediately had many.

With these willows green, have the awaken of spring. The cold wind also seems to be warm up.

Lens a willow, scenery have different sense

A willow ornament, streets and lens are beautiful many


Another of the street is SONY before building, the tourism bureau of Hokkaido attract visitors was held in the activities. The microphone said: the snowman is delivered from Hokkaido. I came near, and with the hand a snowman, it was found that really snow. This let has almost a year didn't see snow, I was a little excited.


Japan subway station of the most common Japanese snacks around shop hall of office while silver

So from a few blocks, and came to the New Year can set time, then went back to a few blocks, and came to the New Year can venue, three Li venues.


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