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16 + 21 + 4!The lakers 3 years didn't see the data take the initiative to hug him

Posted Mar 11 2013 3:16am
warcraft, according to the past, Howard will attack, but now he is forced against the defense, dribbling, and then in the body of the collision, to fight for every<a href="">Nike Air Max 360 Mens</a> offensive opportunities, while warcraft penalty is still poor, but at least shows initiative, also showed a tough fight. Details into the decisive moments, both sides and Howard dominating in the basket also let the lakers continue to control the initiative, this section one, from black of warcraft assists to complete the empty pick up dunk, then jamison, the ball will be sent to Howard in defense of warcraft hook the ball into the basket, both attacking rounds played decisive simply. <a href="">Nike Air Max 360 Womens</a> Kobe and Dwight Howard earlier in the interview are revealed a message, it is that the relationship is more and more harmonious, and now the court of the facts also prove it all, when began to rule the basket of warcraft, Bryant began to stream to the shell, in a roll round, kobe Bryant in the heart of the double ball to the basket of Howard, assists the latter both hands Slam Dunk, binary played very enjoyable. Full 16 points and 21 rebounds 4 blocked shots, get the data of the last player on the lakers' pau gasol, who did this December in 2009. Now seems to be the first center in the NBA was back in the past, when the lakers win the game, kobe Bryant and live for Howard to a deep hug, <a href="">Nike Air Griffey Max 1</a> he also know that when Howard turns into a mainstay, the lakers were able to no What is a sweet schedule? How sweet? In the end and the sun after the battle, the rockets will back home, and at the Toyota center play seven games in a row! As for competitors, were on March 14, the sun, March 16 for the timberwolves, on March 18, the warriors, March 21 to Sir, on March <a href="">Nike Air Griffey Max 3.5</a> 23, knight, on March 25 for the spurs, and on March 28, the pacers. Even read seven at home, don't even have a back to back game, is very sweet. After the game at the end of seven home, the rockets will head to away against the Memphis grizzlies, after back to back-to-back home games against the clippers. Then after entered the April, the rockets and set on the Orlando magic at Toyota center. Within 20 days, in other words, the rockets will play 10 games, nine main 1, at the same time only a back to back, cool to be cool again. The 10 on hand at the same time, the sun, the forest Wolf, cavaliers and magic are winning percentage less than 5 into teams, the jazz are notoriously not away, the warriors three killed by rocket this season. And even the spurs, now also wreck the Lord parker (microblogging)............ So in theory, the rocket must seize the opportunity to gain revenge, and pile up enough of a victory for playoffs. Theoretically, with few competitors jazz, warriors and the lakers' schedule comparison, the rockets are relatively good, but also have to beware of side crash. Last season is almost in the same time, once the situation good rocket somehow suddenly loses power, a wave of skid to send directly to the playoffs, and the third year in a row "back-to-back" lottery winner. Such a tragic scene, presumably Houston did not want to repeat again this season 
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