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Allan Stellar

I'm an "off the grid" Psychiatric RN with a radical enviro focus. The blog is simple: Get outside every day! From there the blog rambles into all sorts of personal and philosophical observations. People seem to like it. Thanks for dropping by!
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New Blog

Hello there. I have a new blog. Feel free to visit it here .

New Blog

And so, most likely, this blog comes to an end. However, I have started a new blog about, what else, taking a hike with my dog. And also about...

Walking and the Gated Community...

It has rained much of March. And for much of March, I've had a sore throat. Two series of anti-biotics have kept the thing at bay---but as a...

Splitting Wood...

A neighbor brought by his Wood Splitter today so we spent a couple hours putting wood up for the rest of the winter. We heat this house only...

March 7, 1961

I was born 51 years ago today. Weighing in at around 7 pounds, I weighed about as much as my head weighs now. In March of 1961 CO2 was at 316...

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