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Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Microcosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on cleaning and protecting the operated objectives under special working environment. It strictly controls the working environment and the pollutant source and stops the operated objectives as much as possible from being contaminated by dirt particle, bacteria contamination, static mischief, discomfort because of warmness and dampness. We have extensive product range  with Various kind and Sizes to meet Different... Full Bio
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cleaning card and kits for your longer useage of your expensive equipments

Hot pressed cleaning card, no glue. CR80 flat cleaning cards, Bank Note Counter Cleaning Card, Bill Acceptor/ Validator OR Bank Note Acceptor/...

More clean, more Health, cleanroom wipes for pesonal cleaning requirements

  ShenzhenMicrocosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. cleanroom wipes, polyester wipes, swab wips, No-woven wipes, Presaturated Cleaning Wipes,...

Antistatic lint-free swabsticks and Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs

Coming from ShenzhenMicrocosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. Of China, for cleaning application in cleanroom.We can also supplier sterile foam...
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